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We supply India’s finest Raisins/dry grapes with rich nutritional value. The best part of raisins is that they can be added easily to any diet. Our raisins are packed with high hygiene standard ensuring freshness. With over 70% of unadulterated fructose, our raisins are preferred both as a healthy snack and a vital component in desserts.

These tiny dried fruits are a boost of energy to all ages. Consumed regularly these tiny tasteful dry fruits keeps you going all day. Besides, these dry fruits help body keep calm during winter and cool during summer. We supply raisins covering black, green, seedless and different variety. Known as the best Raisins Supplier in India, you will only get the best quality product from us.

Raisins are generally high in calories and sugar. But offer bundle of energy to body. They are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, fibre, calcium, iron and potassium. The product is totally fat free and can be easily digested. With a rich source of energy and antioxidants, the raisins are a perfect vigorous health snack. They are low in sodium and contain zero cholesterol. With the above benefits you have all the reasons to supplement them to your diet regularly.

Helathy Nutzz brings you wide range of raisins. Whether it’s for retail consumption or wholesale, we supply the best premium quality. Order Online Raisins in India from Healthy Nutzz and get your parcel delivered at home instantly. Just a handful of raisins can keep you healthy and strong. Order from us immediately.

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